Matero glossary

 The matero glossary that will change your life

Maybe you didn´t know but the mate culture has it´s own dialect. But don´t worry, we got you. This glossary is special for you to understand how matero talk and for you to acquire them. 

  • Cebador: Person in charge of serving the mate.
  • Cebadura: It is the necessary amount of yerba to prepare the infusion. Each mate has its own.
  • Cebar: “Serve” the mate. Place the hot water to achieve the infusion.
  • Dar vuelta el mate: With the light bulb and in a clockwise direction, the yerba mountain is moved to make the most of its flavor.
  • Ensillar el mate: Action of removing part of the used yerba and replacing it with new yerba, when the previous one is washed.
    Thank you: Expression that is said to the person who serves when returning the mate to warn that you no longer want mate.
  • Matera: Bag that is used exclusively to transport the mate, the thermos and the yerbera -the sexiest in the world is called Pampita.
    • Matero: (Different from mate holder) An expression used to refer to the person who frequently drinks mate.
    • Mate camionero o de vuelo: It is a type of mate that differs from the torpedo mate by having a wide mouth
    • Mate lavado: This expression is used to describe when the yerba lost flavor. It happens when it is poorly primed, left to cool, or used for a long time.
      • Mate sin vuelo: Identical to the flight mate. The point at which the cut is made in the fruit varies.
      • Montañita: Portion of yerba that occupies ¾ of the capacity of the container. It cannot be moistened, much less fall.
      • Yerbera: Container in which the yerba is stored and transported.

      Now you are ready to talk as a real matero!

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