How much yerba mate per cup?

How much yerba mate per cup?

This question is already answered in other articles, but it is worth going into detail. It is neccessary to first clarify that this is a personal decision and will almost completely depend on the taste of each drinker for the specific situation. However, in general terms, the correct proportion is having yerba up to half the size of the mate. 

We will now answer some frequently asked questions regarding the amount of yerba for your infusion.

What happens if I put less?

This will not cause much of a problem except that the little mountain will probably crumble constantly and the mate will wash faster

As for the taste, absolutely nothing changes, since what matters for this is not the quantity.

What if I add more?

This will be a little more complicated (linkear a catálogo de mates) because you will have no other option rather than to throw out some. Beyond the inconvenience and waste, it is even risky for the mate straw to clog.

If I want to drink alone, do I put less?

This is a resource that many use and it is valid. In other words, it is not necessary to spend an full mate if in reality it will only be one person drinking it.

It is always possible that you drink more than normal and then mate may wash off beforehand, but since you are drinking it alone, it will not present major complications.

If I add more yerba, does it wash slower?

No, on the contrary, the large amount of yerba is contraproducent. Doing this will cause the mate to overflow, making it very difficult for it to be turned over.

Does yerba mate have caffeine?

When drinking mate, lots of people feel a similar effect that when drinking coffee. This is because the infusion is a natural energizer, and, as well as coffe, contains caffeine.

Five advantages of mate over coffee

1- An energizing effect like almost none

The effects of caffeine in mate can be less aggressive than those of coffee, which in some cases can cause nervousness or even tachycardia.

The restorative property of mate (not just on the body, but also over the mind) is different from coffee and other caffeinated beverages since it has a double stimulating and relaxing effect. This effect occurs because yerba mate has other xanthines (stimulating substances). An example of one of these substances is theobromine, whose effect is softer, longer lasting and improves mood.

In addition, the caffeine contained in yerba mate is usually more diluted in a greater amount of water than in coffee. This, hand to hand with the fact that the infussion is not taken in one sip, makes it easier to be tolerated by our body.

Drinking mate throughout the day also increases physical endurance and lifts your spirits, without affecting the quality of sleep or rest.

The infusion of yerba mate generates a more benevolent feeling of “waking up” at any time of the day, ideal for studying or working.

Athletes also take advantage of the benefits of mate before training or even after each training session.

Yerba mate can be the perfect replacement for commercial energy drinks, providing many more benefits while avoiding the adverse effects generated by these artificial drinks with a high content of stimulants and sugar.

2- Superfood

The hot infusion of yerba mate is one of the most nutritious infusions that exist, as confirmed by many scientific studies. It contains, in a natural way, almost all the micronutrients that the body needs and in this way it can be considered as a superfood.

It is capable of improving the immune system by detoxifying the body, regulating cholesterol and preventing many diseases.

Yerba mate provides antioxidants and polyphenols, it is rich in minerals, amino acids and essential vitamins, mainly from group B, where eight of the 13 vitamins that the body needs are found.

In addition, it contains very important minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which promote proper heart function, and is loaded with many other nutrients. 

3- Purifies and detoxifies

Thanks to the existance of some leaves that yerba mate contain which have diuretic properties that help the body eliminate toxins, drinking mate purifies the body. 

The human body consumes much more liquid than when drinking coffee and prevents it from accumulating in the body’s tissues by optimizing kidney function, minimizing the risk of high blood pressure.

Mate also causes a mild laxative effect and stimulates bowel movement, stimulating natural waste process. That is why it is usually recommended for people who suffer from constipation.

This is an ideal benefit for those looking to lose weight or have fewer toxins in the body.

What are the best thermos brands for mate?


It is, without a doubt, one of the best known brands, not only because it actually has a great track record, but also because its quality is really superlative to the rest. 

It is characterized by its high quality and keeps liquids hot for hours and hours (up to 24 to be exact). Over more than 100 years of history of the brand, they have always guide a path of innovation to find the best way to transport food. In addition, it is one of the few on the market that can withstand heavy blows without major drawbacks.

However, the problem with this thermos is that its genesis was not designed to prime mates. So, for many, it is way too heavy and makes no sense to have it, due to the fact that it´s significant weight makes it more difficult to be constantly carried. 

The other drawback is that it does not have the famous primer spout, which allows the water to come out directly through a tube. Those who use Stanley thermos must get used to priming with the screw cap.

2- Thermolar

This brand has a long history in the local market and is one of the first to incorporate the feeder spout, thus being a pioneer. The advantage that it has is exactly the opposite of the Stanley: it is easy to carry. 

Its handle is known by being practical and comfortable, plus it is just the right size for holding the container. In addition, its cap has a pressure release.

In general terms, it has nothing to envy its previous competitor, although a weak point is its capacity and some differences in quality. While the Stanleys offer a maximum load of 2 litres, the Thermolar reaches only 1.5.

Although it is true that half a liter does not make a big difference, for many who share the mate, it ends up being a problem.

Just as we told you that the primer spike was vital, in case it falls very hard against the floor or a hard surface, it will surely suffer damage that is noticeable when it comes to priming the dunks.

3- Thermos

It is a large capacity thermos but, to tell the truth, little has been seen on the market. It will allow us to make barleys with our mate without any problem and it will hold hot water for long hours.

Of the three that we compared, this is undoubtedly the one that most resembles the Stanley due to its a great track record and is an element that is prepared to withstand the daily grind of any person.

Their major drawback is its handle, since it is made of plastic (which makes it too noisy). It is also easy to break when too much pressure is exerted on it. Despite this, it is also an easy-to-transport kind of thermos.

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