Spoon bombilla stainless steel

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The Guaraní Tribe of Paraná, in South America, originally used hollow twigs and grasses as mate filters. Nowadays, these antiquated bombillas evolved into precious metals and steels, creating a bombilla for the modern Matero or yerba mate enthusiasts.

They are speccially designed for uruguayan yerbas, which are characterized by having a thin grinding. When drinking Mate with Uruguayan yerbas, therefore, use a spoon bombilla.

Our products are fabricated and welded in a whole piece out of stainless steel by uruguayan craftsman.

The spoon bombilla is the most versatile and can be used with any cut. It measures 19,5 x 1 cm. We highly recommend to consider this when compared to the size of the mate you will buy or already have (it should be able to have 50% aproximately inside it).

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