About us

We are Pape and Manu, Cebala co-founders, since 2018. We met at the University, studying accounting, but accounting is the least we want to know about. From the beginning we knew that our desire was to start our own project, and that's how it was.

One afternoon, on a bicycle ride, we realized the potential of the uruguayan mate, of the traditions and culture behind mate: why not going that way?

We started with the most handmade mates. The mate base were a challenge, production was slow because we did not have the necessary resources. So we created a machine (quite humble honestly) that speeded up the process quite a bit and allowed our business to grow.

Innovacion en el mate

So it was the process of creating our famous mate holder “Pampita”, another great challenge. We wanted a mate holder that meets the needs of our consumers, a moldable mate holder. We went through several seamstresses and no one dared to produce our project. We had no choice but to do it on our own, so with threads and a borrowed sewing machine, we made our first Pampita.

Despite the challenges that were placed on our way, we continue growing, learning and evolving, with many new products, without losing focuse on our main objective: to be the brand of mate in Uruguay and in the rest of the world, to be your company wherever you are.